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It's a New Year...More or Less

HALLELUJAH IT'S FINALLY 2021!!! Although 2020 shined a harsh spotlight on the many things on which we disagree, I'm pretty certain we all agree saying "buh bye" to 2020 was welcomed with a strange combination of revelry and relief.

So in lieu of resolutions, I decided to review some revelations from the year behind us and rework them into a new frame for the masterpiece waiting to be crafted in the months to come. My intention is to increase the focus on one side and reduce it on another, thereby resulting in more balance. Right?? Yay for the New Year when Father Time presents us with a proverbial blank slate!! At least it sounds good on Day One. ;)

More Doing, Less Thinking

It was quite lovely to have so much time to reflect, particularly in the beginning of the pandemic as the pace of life slowed to an eerie stillness, but I'm done now. Ready to move on and make some things happen! Woo hoo here we go!!!

More Vegetables, Less Meat

This sub-head is a symbolic reference to overall healthy lifestyle choices. Tweaking my health habits as I age has become a bit of a hobby, and I'm having fun with it, believe it or not. I've hungrily absorbed tons of information this it's time to put it to work. Clean is the theme! And it's not just about food...I'm becoming more aware of what's real and what's fake and what my body can process and what it can't. Fruits and veggies must show up more often...and even harder for me, exercise must, too. (Don't worry... I still crave a prime filet mignon or Chick-Fil-A nuggets sometimes! I don't expect that to go away this year, or maybe ever.)

More Drinking Water, Less Wasting It

Every time I order from Amazon or pick up take out, I pause to consider I'm just one of millions generating more and more junk to end up in the landfill or the ocean. Every single day. Even "recycling" has to be rinsed out, which reminds me of all the ways I take water for granted. Protection from virus germs has contradicted any previous efforts to reduce single use waste. I can't solve the world's water shortage problem singlehandedly, but I can pay attention as I let the faucet run. I can also attempt to put more water in my body or my houseplants than down the drain.

More Gray, Less Bottle Blonde

So, few have really seen me in person much since March, including my fabulous hair dresser. So what better time to grow out the roots? This same fabulous hair dresser is using her amazing talent to transform decades of deceit into discovery of JUST WHAT COLOR IS MY NATURAL HAIR? I do miss seeing her every four weeks like clockwork, though...she's a fabulous hair dresser who has also become a fabulous friend. (The good news is...if we don't like where it ends up, we can always go back!)

More Talking, Less Texting

I love the convenience of texting like everyone else. I'm also realizing after three rounds or so, it might as well be a phone conversation. If you can't answer my call or text in the moment, I understand...sometimes I just want you to know you popped into my head. NOTE: Group texts are in a different category depending on their purpose...just please don't be offended if I don't react or reply. That doesn't mean I'm not following the chain, it just means it has to stop somewhere, and I always love to be included.

More Preparing, Less Reacting

We all spent way too much time last year planning, changing the plan, aborting the plan, reworking the plan. Reacting to the changes in the plans. Maybe a simpler plan with more room for flexibility is the way to go this year. Or maybe just let some things go rather than automatically (and often, awkwardly) pushing them to a virtual format. We know more now and have more experience with this, so we should be better prepared for the transition to whatever is next. And transformation! I'm prepared to lower my expectations, while retaining my standards. We'll just have to see how it goes, won't we?

More Creating, Less Complaining

With much of the time-consuming "busy work" of Pre-Pandemic Life removed or reimagined, I've learned the hard way I need creative outlets more than ever. Hence, this blog! And a few other things with which I thought I might fill all my newfound free time (which somehow has since magically vaporized). This year, I'm intending to make more time for creating good meals, creating space for music and creating new memories (versus wallowing in the old ones). It doesn't have to be the same to be special.

More People, Less Posts

OK -- get ready for the most blasphemous statement of our time -- I'm going dark on Facebook. There -- I said it. I can't logically (or logistically) unplug completely from the FB groups to which I belong (or administer) -- at least not all at once -- but perhaps I can pass the responsibility to someone else? Or reassess the group's communication needs? Hmmm. Wish me luck...I know it can be done! I might miss your vacation photos or daughter's wedding pictures, which makes me sad...but I will not miss the ads, rants and silly contests. I long to see you in person, sooner than later. And if there are health, timing or geographical barriers, I stand ready and eager to catch up on your new grandchild, new recipe or new job by phone. (I will also keep my Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, so I promise we won't lose each other forever...)

More Serving, Less Settling

This year, I desire to step out of my head and immediate surroundings (behind the laptop at the dining room table) and pour out instead of in. Like many of you, I've enjoyed the limited pressure to leave the house or change out of yoga pants these past few months. The slippery slope tradeoff for me has been life-in-general gradually became more insular. It might not be safe yet to move freely in the world...yet, it's also become way too easy to use the circumstances as a convenient excuse not to engage. So I'm watching for new opportunities to serve and doors to open (or reopen) safely. Plus the motivation to get my butt up from the dining room table, put on some "real clothes," and reach out. I bet I won't even have to reach very far from the dining room table to have an impact, and subsequently experience one, as well.

More Love, Less Fear

No explanation necessary. AKA, more prayer and less mass media news.

God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

2 Timothy 1:7

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.

I John 4:18a


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