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Hey, Y’all! 

Welcome to my blog. Since I began this project in 2020, a lot has happened. I've learned a lot, lost a lot, listened a lot, lamented a lot. Grown a lot.

A little about me...

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida with two loving, hard-working parents who instilled in their three daughters the belief that we could do and be anything we wanted. So that led me to trying so, so many different things! Although I'm not sure I became an expert in any of them, they certainly opened me up to some incredible experiences and incredible people.

After an idyllic high school experience, I headed "north" to Clemson University, where I would establish connections and a deep-rooted devotion that would grow even stronger over a lifetime. I now remain a "Florida Girl" and spend a good amount of personal and professional time in the Clemson area. Dual citizenship!

I married a man "later in life" (as they say) whose career ladder climb landed us in St. Petersburg, Florida. He had another life entirely before he met me, and he has wholeheartedly embraced my family, my friends, and even my sports teams, for which I am eternally grateful. He looks pretty good in a tux, as well.

Sports marketing/event planning captured my time, energy and heart for many years until opportunities in the real estate industry offered me a more lasting, meaningful, and interesting way to contribute to society. Independent real estate sales is now the logical transition from where I was to where I was going, with a dramatic interruption to fulfill elder care responsibilities. I never imagined losing one parent and becoming the voice of another would involve so much more than just duty.

What's your story? Whatever it is, it matters. It may not be perfect or what you thought it would be. But God is still in control and He keeps His promises. I lean on that every single day, especially when things don't make sense. Cheers, God bless, and Go Tigers!

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